During the early stages of the pandemic I found myself drained by the uncertainty and adversity that faced us. As the world came to a halt, I found a sense of peace by spending my time in nature, whether taking weekly hikes or planting a garden. I found many people took refuge in nature to escape the turmoil as I did. Rekindling that connection to nature we had lost in the constant flurry of our modern lives caused us to put down our screens and slow down. I became interested in the concept of Eutierria which refers to the state of becoming one with nature, where all distinctions between yourself and the world around you disintegrate and no longer exist. Leaving behind all the anxieties of modern life, a sense of calm overtakes you, and you become a part of the sights, sounds, and sensations of the natural world.

As a result, a new branch of my work has been a reflection on this connection to nature. I have been calling these explorations “mind gardens.” My main inspiration behind them is the idea that our minds are gardens, and our thoughts sprout from our heads like plants. They can be beautiful and flourishing like a bouquet of flowers or, due to negative thoughts, chock full of thorns and weeds. 

Mind Garden Paintings