I'm  expanding my space at Westside Market! You'll now be able to find even more original art and prints in person to browse. In addition to my original endcap space at 211, I'll be taking over the endcap at space 215 in the coming weeks. Be sure to check back often to see what pieces are installed.

Westside Market

1530 Ellsworth Industrial Blvd. NW

Atlanta, GA

100th Day Show

Westside Market



I've been working on another brand new piece just for Cat Eye Creative's 100th Day Show celebrating their 2 year anniversary. Click here to learn more information and to schedule your in-person viewing or visit to  view online.

Exhibition Dates:

April 10- May 2, 2021

Opening Reception:

April 10, 2021

Cat Eye Creative

186 Mitchell Street Southwest
Atlanta, GA 30303

April 10th, I'll be debuting a brand new piece for the exhibition "NUDE" at Mize Gallery. The exhibition focuses on the nude form or interpretation of being bare. Found out more here.


April 9, 2021

Exhibition Dates:

April 9 - 25, 2021